DUCO Handmade Acetate Premium Eyewear Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women Glasses for Computer Eye Strain 1230

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The pace of change has accelerated.

Gone are the days when fashion trends could be measured in decades.

Now, new technologies supplant older ones every single year; and, in some cases, even faster.

Today’s successful products have an even greater need to differentiate than in prior years.

DUCO was born from Latin, meaning of 'create or design'. When we sell DUCO product, we’re not just selling a product, we're making a different lifestyle.

Every pair of DUCO glasses comes from global designers' artistic hands , so when you wear DUCO glasses, you could find every pair of DUCO glasses are different.

From classic to trendy and punk, DUCO always contribute to share true values with users.

We always keep our mission “new and trendy design, exquisite craftsmanship” in mind.

Debate stylish or healthy material time:

It’s time for you to choose some new eyeglasses. You may feel utterly swamped by the vast selection of frames out there. Perhaps you are feeling overloaded with information from your latest online searches. What is the best material for stylish blue light blocking glasses ? Why are the prices so different between acetate blue light blocking glasses and other cheaper plastic women blue light blocking glasses ?

Wearers often describe the material as a more ‘natural feel’—a first of many differences when compared to standard plastics.

Acetate is vastly preferable for eyeglasses over other plastics for these reasons:

Does not harm the environment

Is made from renewable materials

Is hypoallergenic

Can be made beautifully transparent

High grade versions are fit adjustable by opticians

These are several strong attributes demonstrating that this DUCO model No.1230 acetate women blue light blocking glasses is highly unique. Today’s premium acetate frames are known for their lightweight thin constructions and strength. Yet they remain flexible with a glass like clarity. Furthermore, they boast the widest range of finishes—from high luster polish, matte, or brushed.

Here are 5 Reasons You're Going to LOVE Your DUCO Blue Blocking Glasses:

1. They provide maximum blue light protection.

2. Our classic unisex frame design, comfortable and sturdy, has you looking stylish while protecting your eyes.

3. Need optical lenses? No problem! Our frames can also be fitted with custom lenses at any optometrist.

4. Our lenses are made of a zero-pigment base, maintaining high light transmittance and reducing glare.

5. Gift style package includes box, glasses case, superfine cloth pouch, cleaning cloth, and mini screwdriver.​

Don't hesitate! Say goodbye to eye strain and blue light. Start protecting your eyes today!