About Us


One of the original founders was on a vacation trip and lost his sunglasses. For many people, this is a commonplace annoyance.  When he realized he needed a new pair, he did some shopping and found either cheap, low-quality glasses or overpriced, super-expensive ones.  In the cheap glasses, the frames never fit quite right and the lenses often had waves or blurs.  The expensive ones were better, but were often fragile.  The expensive glasses were also a source of worry, since they had a tendency to get lost.

Right then, our founder realized there was no need for such a drastic difference.  It was possible to have the best of both worlds—high quality and reasonable price.


Envision a Better You

Founding DUCO wasn't an overnight success. It costs long time to assemble a team of amazing people from around the world especially the designers.

All too often, people wouldn't believe one could spend so little and still have both top quality and style.  But a few people took a chance on these "cheap" sunglasses and found they were everything they ever wanted for driving ,hiking, skiing, running—any outdoor activity.  Word spread, slowly at first, but now DUCO ships sport and driving glasses everywhere in the world.

DUCO's principles are simple:  The best glasses for your active lifestyle at the best price.

Join the DUCO family today and open your eyes.  We know you'll see the difference!