DUCO Eye Protection Safety Glasses with Clear Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Wrap-Around Lenses and Adjustable Arms Windproof Safety Goggles (10)

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Why our Safety Glasses?

We offer a Complete Package for total protection of your eyes.
Feel more secure doing your work with safety glasses made from impact resistant polycarbonate.
DUCO Safety Glasses will give you the confidence to handle any situation where your eyes are at risk of injury from flying debris, dirt, dust, chemical splashes, or spills. 
Designed to be strong and durable your DUCO Safety Glasses provide wrap around protection to keep your eyes safe from direct and peripheral threats. Complete with CE,ANSI ,FDA etc. Safety Certification.

Whether you’re in the workshop, hospital,operating room, lab, or racquetball court, wearing a pair of safety glasses that you continually have to adjust or wipe down is an accident waiting to happen. 
So we’ve included a anti-fog coated lens to minimize fogging to help you see more clearly to complete on-the-job tasks.

High Quality
- Durable Construction
- Snug Comfort Fit
- Sturdy, durable construction
- Adjustable arms
- Scratch resistant coating, protects the lens and your vision while working.
- Ideal Curve lens for a wide field of vision.
- 99%-100% UV protection from polycarbonate, clear lens.
- Our “Snug Fit” Design protects from Above, the Side & Below.
- “Comfort Fit” nose bridge.

Get the DUCO, no-hassle refund and exchange policy.
All of our products are backed up by our no-hassle, DUCO guarantee. Should there be an issue with your glasses we'll replace them for free or give you your money back.