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Great Sunglasses

These provide UV protection and are also polarized. Very light weight and comfortable on your face.

D Sprott
Excellent pair of sunglasses

Very pleased with this pair of glasses. Excellent build quality, and can’t believe how clear the lens are.
Case, pouch and cleaning cloth are very good quality.
Will certainly purchase again and highly recommend.

Happy customer

I have been pleased with my new sunglasses. They fit over my existing glasses and you hardly know that you have them on

Great glasses

I love them. They are light weight and great for all day wear. They don't make the tops of your ear hurt. Bad part is they scratch really easy.

Super value for the price!

This is my second pair, interspersed with another brands similar style. Duco lenses are so much better and the frames are so much stronger. Great glasses! Thanks

Great value

Great glasses and warranty. They stand behind their GREAT product

Happy customer

The glasses arrived well packaged and in a reasonable period of time. They just fit over my prescription glasses which I measured carefully before ordering. They cut out most of the light coming in from above and fit closely without slipping. I also like the look of them,

Great sunglasses at a great price

Light but sturdy, these sunglasses are stylish and a pleasure to wear. Just bought my 23-year-old daughter a pair for her birthday because she coveted mine so much.

Great sunglasses.

I love the gray lenses on the color type that I selected. They offer great coverage across your entire field of vision, and the lenses are just dark enough to offer a comfortable viewing experience, but not too dark to hamper your vision.

Manuel Emmelhainz
The Perfect Cost / Performance Balance

So, I was not convinced I should spend $200 USD for new glasses, but the $20 ones were not certified to actually polarize light… and then I found about Duco Glasses, and what I read in their website was just on target, and I quote: “One of the original founders was on a vacation trip and lost his sunglasses. For many people, this is a commonplace annoyance. When he realized he needed a new pair, he did some shopping and found either cheap, low-quality glasses or overpriced, super-expensive ones.”.
I had to try them I am SO happy that I did. They look great, they feel great, and the performance is indeed impressive. Duco has now a new loyal customer!

Bernice A
Great glasses !

I once won your glasses through a competition. I was so impressed about how resistant it was(I always use to drop it, I even step on it ... I believe it was an old design). I began to be curious about the brand so I searched on the internet and I found your website. I bought another one for me and my little sister (very happy of my purchase). I use to try other brands I was disappointed(fragile, expensive and no quality).

manny soto
Very Nice Stuff!

They fit great and are easy to change out the lenses. Very well built.

Duco glasses

The dimension of my existing glasses were borderline as far as fit but feel they will work. I like how I can wear a helmet and put glasses on and off while wearing the helmet.
I would recommend them to friends.

Great glasses if I would have gotten all that I paid for.

I ordered 4 pairs of glasses and received three. I have sent two emails asking for the other pair and have gotten no response but now they are sending me an email requesting a review. Something is wrong with this picture. They owe me a pair of glasses or my money back for that pair.

Duco Glasses - Milo

Good looking and top quality glasses. Comes even with a small screw driver, very thoughtful. Top value for the price!

Warped lenses

Both lenses have multiple vertical lines that are blury.


I like the glasses but they don't come close to fitting over my regular glasses and I went by your measurment chart.

Ghost Company

My guess is that the price point for the "6.5 out of 10/A bit above average quality" craftsmanship and design is driving a lot of sales for these glasses, and the company is perfectly fine with taking the "No Customer Service" approach. I have tried to contact them about the piece that holds the nose pads on my glasses. It screws in and Duco provides you with the tool to remove the piece (for cleaning?). I notified them that the screw kept coming loose and I had been frequently tightening the screw, and eventually the piece had loosened again but came off at some point and was lost. Probably an inexpensive item to send out to a customer to make me happy, but as I said earlier, I think they are selling enough at this price point to just completely not care about addressing any issue, small or large. (On a side not, yes my lenses have scratches)

DUCO Mens Polarized sunglasses women Metal Frame with Carbon Fiber
Phil Hardcastle
Great glasses!

Excellent quality for the price.

Good stuff

I like these. Fit well over my glasses without being to large.(measure correctly) The brown color works better than black for me. Polorization is very good. We'll see how scratch resistant they are, but take care and use the hard case(very nice)and they should last.

DUCO Superlight Blue Light Blocking Computer Gaming Glasses for Women W013
Sarah Gott

DUCO Superlight Blue Light Blocking Computer Gaming Glasses for Women W013

Best glasses ever!!

I struggle with sunglasses fitting. These are the lightest glasses for the price, but really sturdy!

Wide arms

The color is a lovely teal and the lenses were a great tint and the image so clear. However the arms opened to an obtuse angle and would not stay on my head. I thought the first pair was defective but the replacement was also too big. I chose these based on reviews saying they were good for a narrow face, but that wasn’t my experience. They would be perfect if they stayed on.